Outsource Estimating Services

NEDEServ offers top-notch outsource estimating services. With extensive experience in the estimating field, our estimators have accessed unbeatable expertise. We have complete estimation knowledge and know how to beat the construction budget issues by using our critical thinking ability. Our team knows the importance of estimation in a construction project. Therefore, we have launched an outsourcing option for our clients. It’s time to meet the famous estimating company and discuss your issues.

Numerous companies are working in this field and helping builders in estimating their projects perfectly. Some are also outsourcing their services to make things more convenient for you. NEDEServ is one of the prominent companies that outstandingly outsource estimates. Our team has complete knowledge and experience in the estimating field. Also, we use modern software to deliver our clients accurate and profitable estimates.

Our Outsource Estimating Portfolio

NEDEServ is a reliable and professional outsourcing estimating services provider based in the USA. We specialize in offering accurate and comprehensive estimating solutions. We provide our services to construction companies, contractors, and sub-contractors across the country.

Our team is highly trained and well-equipped with the latest software and tools. We always provide top-notch services. At NEDEServ, our estimators work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs. This way, we deliver customized solutions that help them to save time and money.

We have been in the market for many years. Also, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality and timely estimates. Our outsource estimating services always help our clients to win more bids and increase their profits.

At NEDEServ, we believe in providing exceptional customer service. Therefore, we maintain transparent communication throughout the project. We aim to help our clients achieve success and growth in their businesses.

Whether you are a small contractor or a large construction firm, we can provide you with accurate and reliable estimating services. We assure you that our services will meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your queries and have the best solutions for them.

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Our Deliverables

As part of our outsource estimating services, NEDEServ provides a comprehensive digital takeoff/estimation Excel file. The Excel sheet includes all the necessary information for accurate project estimates. Our deliverables consist of:

  • Detailed material types & quantities
  • Labor costs with man-hours
  • Markup plans
  • Overheads
  • Profit percentages

With our comprehensive deliverables, we enable our clients to make informed decisions. Our on-point estimates also help them to bid competitively on construction projects. Ultimately, our outsource construction estimating services increase their chances of winning more contracts and boosting their business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Estimating to NEDEServ

Focus on Your Core Functions

As a contractor, it is difficult to manage different things at a time. To lighten your budget, we offer you to outsource estimates. While outsourcing estimating projects to us, you enable yourselves to focus on other core concerns of your business.

Customized Solutions

At NEDEServ, we understand that each construction project has its own demands and values. And to meet these demands and values, we provide customized estimating solutions to our clients. Yes, we design a new flowchart for each project while keeping an eye on the requirements of clients and their plans.

Access to Knowledge & Skills

Our estimators have extensive experience in the field of construction estimating. With our outsource estimating services, you can access the knowledge and expertise our estimators own. With this source of information, you can make profitable decisions for your construction plan.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

As a construction company, you first need to manage different tasks side-by-side. Second, you may need to purchase expensive tools and software for estimating your construction projects. Our outsource estimating services streamline your construction projects while freeing up you to tackle other fundamental tasks of your business. Also, we have modern tools and software to estimate your construction plan budget.

Affordable Option

Without an in-house team of workers, you can have the budget estimates of your construction plans with our cost-effective outsourcing services.

Excellent-quality Bids

At NEDEServ, our estimators help our clients in improving the quality of their bids. We provide our clients with on-point, precise, and accurate estimates. By using our exact estimates, our clients make informed decisions about their projects and make them successful in the long run.

Save Time & Money

By outsourcing your estimation tasks to our team, you can give your time to other valuable tasks. Also, you will not need to hire an in-house team that can increase your indirect expenses.

We’re Aimed to Equip Our Clients with Long-term & Beneficial Estimating Solutions.

To Meet Our Clients’ Needs, We Provide them With Customized Solutions Tailored to their Desires.

No, the estimating services providers can offer various services beyond cost estimating, such as project scheduling, value engineering, risk analysis, and construction management support.

We are prominent among our competitors due to our fast turnaround time. We calculate your budget estimate and submit the final documents within 24-42 hours. However, if your project is highly complex, it might demand more time to estimate it accurately.

Yes, expert outsourcing companies can handle both small and large projects. And as proficient estimators in the market, NEDEServ also deals with small and large projects.

Outsource estimating providers determine project costs by following these steps:

  • Review project plans and specifications
  • Conduct site visits and inspections
  • Analyze labor and material costs
  • Create estimates

While creating an estimation sheet, we consider the project’s complexity, location, and timeline. Also, we use industry-standard software and databases to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Various types of construction projects can benefit from outsource estimating, including commercial, industrial, residential, infrastructure, and renovation projects, among others, regardless of their size or complexity.

Why Do You Need to Outsource Estimating to A Professional Company?

While making an estimation sheet for a construction project, accuracy should be the key trait. Without accuracy, your investment of time and money in estimation can be useless. Many contractors who deal in smaller projects make their material takeoff and estimation sheets on their own. But it is a time-consuming and challenging task.

Also, it demands high concentration and in-depth analysis. Simply put, estimating a budget for a construction project demands high expertise and experience to excellently deal with a project, whether it is simple or complex. To balance these issues, you can get the benefit of outsourcing estimating services.

Furthermore, when you choose a company to enjoy third-party estimating services, you eliminate employee-based tensions. You will not need to deal with salaries, bonuses, over-times, and other benefits. So, do not think more and contact our team to outsource your estimation project.