Lumber Takeoff Services

Are you a contractor who wants to earn more bids? You reached the right place! We are the best estimators in the town, delivering our precise lumber takeoff services. We believe in providing accurate and quality work!

As you know, one of the most essential and first steps of lumber or framer and vender is determining the quantity of timber needed and its cost. We advise our clients to make estimations in advance in order to eliminate the reasons that would cause inconvenience and delays to your project.

Being a contractor is not easy. They have been stuck in work completely. Despite taking the responsibility of estimation too, you are advised to seek professional help. By this, your project will be a great milestone for your company.

Our estimating services are helping our clients multiply their earnings and complete their projects within a short time.

How we do Lumber Takeoff Services:

No matter the size of your project, whether big or small, it’s important for a construction project to estimate the amount of wood needed to process a single project along with the accurate cost of it. Below, we will discuss how we start our estimation process.

We start the procedure with framing estimation for a commercial or residential building. This type of estimation includes the number of headers needed for the door and windows, studs, and multiple numbers of plates for the walls. In this step, there is a basic count of framing lumber.

Our experts share a rough estimate of the whole project with the client for their acknowledgment. We make sure that our customers never miss a single detail regarding the project. Here’s our general procedure for estimation.

  • To start Lumber Takeoffs, we keep in mind the size of the doors and walls of a building
  • The count of the number of studs needed for the project is done.
  • Different plates for bearing and non-bearing walls are arranged.
  • The leftover material is also quantified in the final costing
  • Angles of the building are determined.
  • Several plywoods are also added for the sheathing.

As you can imagine from the above-mentioned steps, how complex and time-consuming task estimation is.

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We help you to win more bids

The building industry is becoming wider and more competitive now. For the repute and flourishment of your business, detailed attention is required. Obviously, a well-known contractor is always busy with so many other activities, so it’s difficult for them to focus on the extremely time-consuming task of preparing takeoffs and estimates. Our quantity takeoff services can help you with this. Let me remind you that your time is valuable, and your company requires your time.

At this time, Nedeserv is a firm that will help you in your every step. You can hand over the takeoff requirements of your project. Our team analyzes all the construction techniques, labor cost, material cost, bracing, transportation cost, timber quality, wall alignments are much more.

We will provide you with an estimate that will help you in winning more profit and further projects in the future. They ensure that your company makes the maximum amount of money with our assistance.

Why you should try our services ?

Deliver work on time:

You can have faith in our team. We are delivering complete accuracy in the estimation of the wood frame as well as wood frame boards at affordable rates.

Our way of working is precise:

Our professionals are doing their job in the most efficient and right way. They make it sure that your lumber work is delivered on time as well as at a competitive cost.

Your money matters to us:

With the help of the knowledge and research skills of our Lumber Estimator, you can multiply the amount of money you are currently earning.

We serve our clients with professionalism:

Professionalism is something on which we never compromise. Our experts are skilled and capable. We surely know what our clients desire. They proficiently do the job, whether it’s takeoff list or estimation of any kind.

Our team is experienced:

Market research is very important when it’s come to estimation work. Our professionals will provide you with the most accurate information at the best and most competent prices.

Our instant services:

As you know how much time taking task, the estimation is, but it’s not a big deal for our team. Our experts are experienced enough that they can provide accurate estimates within a small time.

There’s no chance of delays:

There’s no chance of delays in the work when our team is leading your project. So don’t wait further and get your work done now!

You can buy our Lumber Estimating Services on an affordable budget:

Our charges are not too much. We are a team of skilled people, who never compromises on the quality at the same time, our fees are extremely affordable and friendly for our clients. As we guarantee you the profit, your charges will easily be compensated from it.

Accurate project outline:

Once you hire our services, you will be provided a complete outline of the project so that you can be focused on the things that need your time and attention.

Up-to-date work:

Our research skills never disappoint. We are in touch with the latest trends running in the market. Our work is up to date and precise. Also, our experts are working day and night and are aware of the newest rates and availability of materials.

Designing long-lasting
buildings is our priority.

We make high quality
satisfied business alliances.

To be competitive in the market, one should provide complete attention to the estimating task. Keeping an eye on the detailing and providing complete attention to the project is impossible as numerous more things require your concentration. Here is where the need for our estimating services arises. When our team is leading your project, you can spend your time on the growth of your company.

We don’t go for shortcuts while leading your project, as we never compromise on the accuracy of the lumber takeoff. Our professional team of estimators will focus on every element of the construction site and then start the estimating work. In the process of generating takeoffs, we only seek help from your provided plans and illustrations.

To proceed with us, email us your project drawing or plans. You can also use the “UPLOAD PLAN” buttons at our site to get a free quote and a timeframe. After your approval, we will send you an invoice.

We accept online payments only. To work with us, you use to transfer the payment by PayPal, debit card, or credit card.

Of course, we do, in fact, our work samples are already organized at our official site. To get an idea, you can check them out. Whereas, if your required sample isn’t available, you drop us a request through email. 

  • Timber
  • Maintenance costs 
  • wall studs
  • rough carpentry
  • Transport requirements
  • insulate material gaps & demands
  • indirect expenses
  • Equipment
  • Delivery fees
  • Fittings

Our association with clients:

We arrange frequent meetings with our clients for their comfort. Our team ensures that every project detail is directed to the client.

You are all sorted whether you require a lumber takeoff spreadsheet or just cost per square foot for a commercial and residential project. Nedeserv can do its best for you. Our friendly connection between clients increases the efficiency of the project by itself. Also, our expert’s incredible experience makes us different and unique from others. Our clients never return disappointed from us.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with our team to have one of the best Lumber takeoff services. We look forward to seeing your plans and detailing for your construction estimation project.