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Because we are experts in the field and members of the ASPE, we can employ cutting-edge tools to get precise cost estimates. Our customers benefit from the quickest response times and lowest prices in the business. Nedeserv offers Construction Estimating Services for the construction industry. Our services allow builders to get accurate measurements for their projects.
Our building estimating services provide simple answers for contractors’ estimate needs. In addition, we provide estimation services for a wide range of building projects to ensure that our client’s needs are met to the fullest extent possible. Having the most professional attitude, our staff consistently delivers precise estimate results.
The quality of our services is our top concern. To aid busy contractors in completing their projects, we provide cost estimating services. We provide building Material takeoff services as part of comprehensive construction management. From the initial planning stages all the way through to the final closeout, we provide comprehensive construction estimation services to our customers. To ensure that our customers fully grasp the reasoning behind our estimates, we give them complete quantities of takeoff. We also provide complementary estimation strategies for optimal outcomes.

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Our 400+ Automation Professinals have an extensive knowledge and Understanding of your industry


We are always looking forward to team up with you for optimizing the design and process of your projects. We have all the required expertise We work with our clients on the process.


We believe that only thorough study and understanding of specific requirements of your plant, your facility’s processes and company standards and materials can lead to successful.


We have a diverse team of extremely skilled engineers, technicians, managers and designers who are adept in their respective fields of designing, construction, commissioning..


Experience is one of the most important factors in the construction industry. We offer total project solutions by integrating our expertise in all areas of the construction process.


To help you optimize the energy infrastructure and power facilities on your projects, we have team of electrical engineers and experts in industrial control systems.


An important part of a facility's operation is the Process Control System, which is designed to make sure that all processing operations run smoothly and prevent any unwanted breakdowns or malfunctions.

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The staff at Nedeserv has honed its processes to perfection. They are a “mixed-blend” characterized by honesty, diligence, and commitment. Taking on each task as a challenge, we always manage to succeed thanks to our strong collaboration and individual abilities. Our staff is made up of the industry’s finest experts in building. Our services ensure the completion of any upcoming endeavors.

Proficiency in estimations

We have extensive experience in cost engineering, and material estimation and takeoffs.

Fully knowledgable staff

We are well-versed in computerized cost estimation and plan takeoffs.

Valuable consultancy

We provide computer consulting for software estimation, purchase, installation, and daily usage.

Experience factor

We aid construction industry pros and do-it-yourselfers with accurate estimates for their projects.

Follow international standards

We've joined the ASPE so it is proved that we follow the international standards..

Use of latest software

Our team generates construction estimates and quantity surveys using industry-standard software.

Fast Turnaround

You will be able to submit bids for more projects thanks to our quick turnaround time of 24 to 36 hours.

Save Money

You won't have to spend money on pricey cost estimation software. So, hire us to save more.


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Nedeserv offers premium price estimating services. We never hold back on quality since it’s too important to us. We provide services to our customers to assure their complete happiness with our Construction Takeoff Services. The price quote may be revised as many times as necessary to meet your needs, and so can we. Quality and precision in our cost estimates are guaranteed thanks to the hard work of our committed staff.

We are experts in creating takeoffs and lists of building materials for any trade. We have accurately calculated tens of thousands of building projects. Usually, we make a monthly estimate of one hundred. Along with competent cost estimation and takeoff, we also provide cost validation, expert witness testimony, and more.

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Construction cost estimating services:

Here at our company, we are experts in providing Construction Cost Estimating for the building industry. We’ve been serving the building industry by giving precise estimates of costs and takeoffs of required materials. Our customers are housebuilders and general contractors who know the importance of having an accurate cost estimate and who rely on the expertise of a professional estimating team. You may reach our office and have a takeoff ordered or a quotation sent within 24 hours by calling us now.

Anyone can rely on us for accurate and thorough takeoffs and estimates for building materials. Our trained Construction Cost estimators can provide estimates for any kind of building or infrastructure project.

If you are a contractor looking to acquire an estimating package and need technical help, you may rely on us for those needs. Our membership in ASPE qualifies us as an authoritative resource for contractors facing legal challenges.

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Construction Estimating Services FAQs

When calculating the time, money, and manpower required to build anything, construction estimating is used. Expertise in a wide variety of construction fields (approaches, technologies, labor content, geographies, etc.) is necessary for accurate construction estimating. Indeed, one could go on.

A strong suit of our business is the breadth of expertise present in our workforce. Our collective expertise allows us to provide reliable and effective cost estimates for most projects.

In a word, yes! These projections, however, are just that and are not locked in stone since they are based on a budget and are thus susceptible to cost fluctuations. The reason is that owing to the nature of the information at hand. It might be hard to determine the time necessary prior to actually finishing the estimate. The best help we can provide with a price tag comes from comprehensive details since most projects are just ideas at this stage.

The answer is yes. We use digital tools for all of our measuring and estimating needs. Since everything is done digitally, we can simply email you the finished paperwork. We maintain a high degree of precision by minimizing the amount of human involvement in the estimation process.

Building cost estimates may be approached in several ways, depending on the nature of the available data and the scope of the undertaking. Some of the methods we use to arrive at an accurate building cost estimate are outlined below.

First-principles estimation – It is a technique wherein building expenses are calculated from scratch using just the most fundamental building components, such as equipment, labor, and supplies.

Using Preexisting Information – The client’s current rates may be used to estimate building construction costs and then be adjusted for the specifics of the project at hand. Estimates like these, and many others, are best understood in the context of the market and actual interest rates.

Accuracy is our top priority – We know that the success of the project relies on our ability to accurately estimate the costs associated with building development. You can trust our projections and know that we will do all we can to keep costs down and avoid going over or under the allotted budget.

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Our priority is designing buildings that will last for a long time. In addition to this, our business alliances are based on high quality and satisfaction. The goal of our company is to deliver high-quality work with brilliant skills.

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