Architectural engineering services

We’re here to help you with all of your architectural engineering needs. Our expert engineers can offer you the most effective solutions. Moreover, we will help you make your dream project a reality or to fix your existing building. As we will work closely with you and your architects to ensure the process is stress free, even. Even if it means working late into the night to achieve a deadline. In addition to this, our attention to detail and pride in our work has made us one of the most trusted architectural service providers in the region. We have professional teams who will work with you to design, estimate and supervise the construction. We work on a wide range of commercial, industrial, and infrastructural projects. If you wish to learn more about our experts. So, our staff includes registered professional engineers with specialized experience and technical expertise.

There are many reasons Architectural engineering services are used in construction. Here are just a few of them: Most large projects require the aid of architects to help plan and create the building, or part of the building, that will be built. Moreover, at times there may not be enough money to hire an architect starting out. However, sometimes it is beneficial to have one on your team just to get past the initial design phases Especially if it means you will save money in the long run. Therefore, our company is working in the market to provide you with valuable services within the budget. When you hire our engineers, you will get the services. For instance, the design and drafting of a building’s structure and the coordination of other required services. Moreover, it also includes plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, and heating and cooling plans.

Benefits of Architectural engineering services

Architectural engineering services are a great way to ensure that we do professionally your construction project with care. This is particularly the case if you’re working on a large or difficult project. In addition to this, architectural services can help and make sure that the building can be constructed to keep it intact and safe.

The following are some benefits of using architectural engineering services:

  1. Improvement in energy efficiency.
  2. Improving the life cycle of structures.
  3. Reducing the cost of ownership.
  4. Enhancement in productivity and profitability

Our work

Our company works on many architectural engineering projects. You can check our portfolio. Moreover, we are a team that has been working in this field for many years. Because of the highest level of quality and professionalism, we have earned an excellent reputation among our clients. In addition, we have a diverse set of abilities. From simple jobs such as designing a small house or apartment, two more complex projects like designing an entire city block or neighborhood. We also excel at designing architectural plans for both residential and commercial projects. But we can also handle any other project that requires architectural engineering services.

We work with various types of materials, including glass, metal, concrete, and wood. Moreover, we also offer help with interior design and lighting fixtures when needed. So, we take care of everything from start to finish so that we can give our clients the best possible result. You can check our work profile to get our services.

  • Hotels, resorts, and restaurants
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Residential Buildings (flats, villas, resorts, farmhouses)
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Government buildings and setups
  • Industrial Building
  • Commercial Buildings (small shops, mega shopping malls, showrooms, complex)
  • Gardens and amusement parks
  • Movie theatres (multiplex)
  • Space Planning/Interiors
  • Educational institutions (School, college, university)

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Phase II - Building Permits

We will assist you in applying for building permits from relevant authorities such as local councils or municipal offices. Moreover, this is essential to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

Phase III - Construction Management

Once we have obtained building permits, we can begin construction work on site. Moreover, our team of expert builders will supervise all aspects of construction. So, it will include project management and planning, procurement, logistics management, and labor force deployment during construction. In addition to this, we will also conduct regular inspections to ensure that the job is being carried out. Especially according to plan so that there are no delays in completing the project within the specified timeframe.

Phase IV - Completion

We will schedule a final inspection once the construction work is completed. Especially, by relevant authorities before handing you work.

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We at nedes serve always ensure that you get value for money by offering high-quality architectural drafting services at an affordable price. Moreover, our architects also offer free consultations. So you can discuss your requirements with them. Especially, before deciding about hiring us for your project. In addition to this, we offer Architectural engineering services across various countries. As our team can cater to all your needs efficiently and in the best possible manner.