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You’ve spent all the efforts in the degree, courses and workshop training. Now it’s time to come into the field of real life working and cash your skills. People aren’t going to contact you out of the blue. You need to market yourself and find the clients on your own. 

However, how would you do it? That’s the most challenging part of this field as a contractor. That’s why for your ease, here’s an ultimate guide on how to get clients as a contractor in real life.

Why do you need to market yourself as a contractor?

Certainly, you do it to get work from the clients. So, people would know that you exist and you can offer them a solution to their construction project. Unfortunately, there’s not something like telepathy through which you can transfer your thoughts to your clients.

You need to market yourself so people can see you and can hire when needed. The more you market yourself, the more people would see and notice you, eventually, more clients.

Additionally, it’s important to market yourself effectively. Doing so can help you showcase your abilities and build a strong business portfolio. This can ultimately increase your value as an employee within the company you work for.

Without a solid portfolio or experience, it may be difficult for others to trust in your capabilities and expertise when it comes to completing tasks.

Get Reviews from Previous Buyers

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Feedbacks play an essential role in the trust factor in the client’s mind. It’s a human instinct to believe what the 3rd person tells about  the subject then the subject itself. Here, reviews are the 3rd person opinion of previous buyers. 

If your reviews are good and satisfied, people can at least believe that you offer quality service or at least satisfied service before they place an order. 

To attract more clients as a contractor, it’s important to collect positive reviews from your satisfied customers. You can ask your previous clients to give feedback or reviews of your work, and showcase the best ones on different reviewing sites like Yelp and Google My Business.

Eventually, you must have a proper profile on a GMB, Yelp and TrustPilot from which client’s can rate you. Your profile should look authentic and business professional and not like an 8th grade school project. 

Tell What You Do and Deliver What You Thought

Unfortunately, you can just telephone every client and tell them why they should hire you, neither of you have got enough time. So, the only option left is to craft an online page where you can tell about yourself as a solution for how to get clients as a contractor . 

The best option you can choose is the website. Through the website, you can write an about us page, why choose us page, portfolio page and all the other necessary tools you need to market yourself. 

Apparently, if you want to keep things simple and informal, go with a social media profile. Social media can serve a go-to option if you’re too busy to craft your website. Who needs a website with a clear brand message and professional design when you can just have a generic Facebook page with random posts and ads?

Craft your online presence

You want to make sure that you are able to find you online. You spend money on the ads and promotions, but it’s not worth it if you don’t have a proper landing subject. Always remember to create a place from where your clients can contact you, see your work, see your presence and can communicate with you. 

For a budget, fast and go-to option, Facebook and Instagram works best. They’re free, easy to manage and cover a large database of audience. 

For a more professional, customised and more value for money deal, your own domain website is best if you want to take better value on how to get clients as a contractor. We suggest you work on both. For casual people, social media and for professional businesses, websites will work.

However, remember to professionally craft your page. You don’t want to make it look like a college project or an 8th grade student profile. You’re a brand so craft your page like a brand. 

It covers the proper about us page, highlighted telephone, contact us, pricing chart, quotation page and all that stuff that your client wants to see. 

Allow the Room for Negotiation

Don’t be stone of statement in the pricing factor. No matter how big your client is, they always look for the negotiation. It’s everywhere in the contractor’s field. Therefore, always have room for negotiation in your field. It’s a human instinct that they want to negotiate no matter what the pricing is, even if it’s the lowest. 

To do this, simply put a fairly higher pricing than your bottleneck. So that, in the end you can negotiate to the bottleneck pricing or slightly higher than that. Certainly, it’s not an honest strategy, but that’s how every business runs and operates their pricing. However, don’t put too much pricing that the client runs away from the pricing. 

Hire an Estimation Company For a Better ROI

Getting a professional bid from a third-party is a good idea because it can help you avoid problems that may occur from relying solely on your employees. When you hire an estimating company, they can provide you with a better way to manage your project. If your employees are unsure about how to estimate a project, it could lead to issues for your business. 

For example, they might spend too much or too little on materials and equipment, which could result in expensive mistakes later on. By using an estimating company, you can ensure that your project is estimated accurately and managed efficiently.

How to get clients as a contractor?

The first step is understanding that you can only get clients by building a reputation and a following.

  • You have to work on your skills and the expertise you have.
  • The key is creating the right value for your client.
  • You need to create a niche in your industry so that people who want similar things come to you.

What are some ways to get clients?

The best way to get clients is by establishing a good reputation. If you are known as someone who can do quality work and deliver it on time, then clients will be more likely to hire you.

Is advertising beneficial?

Advertising is an excellent way of getting exposure and word-of-mouth recommendations from clients who have used your services.

Is negotiation good?

Negotiation is essential in the contractor’s field, even if the pricing is the lowest. It is a human instinct to negotiate, even if the pricing is the lowest.