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Working on a new construction project, upgrading an existing installation or any modifications related to O&M, you can always get the best solutions from our expert team; engineered typically for your requirements.

We have profound field experience in Oil & Gas and Water industries. We are well familiar with the processes, the guidelines and standards protocol to be followed, technologies to be employed and designing and deliverance of the systems.

Our team strives to their best to bring you the fitting solutions to your business. we work with an aim to establish a highly collaborative approach that results in highly accurate engineering designs and solutions.

Our special team expertise makes sure that we standout and stay a step ahead of other engineering firms in the market.

Cost Effectiveness: We aspire to bring you solutions that cost you minimum for your upcoming projects and stabilize your budget for your ongoing projects. Our goal is to implement the system which is budget friendly, cost effective and light on your pocket. That way, you can always have a reliable engineering partner within your reach and your budget range.

 Flexibility: NEDES does not believe in rigid pre packaged and standard solutions. We believe that every client has a right to get their issues addressed as per their specific requirements. NEDES offers much flexible packages of different expertise and services, tailored specifically for your needs. We are always available to assist you with your problems and concerns, no matter how big or small they are.

 Agility:  One of our top qualities is agility. We work in such an organized manner that enables us to accomplish more in less time. With NEDES, you can be sure of getting your services even before the anticipated time.



We are always looking forward to team up with you for optimizing the design and process of your projects. We work with our clients on the front end process engineering simulations that are required to quantify the alternative approaches and to provide a scope definition.

From process designing of the new projects to maintenance and support of existing engagements, NEDES proffers a set of customized services that are fitting according to your project needs. We have in house experts for design engineering, project scope development, equipment specifications and optimization, process simulation, environmental compliance, development of process and instrument diagrams, process flow diagrams and process start up. Our team is sufficiently trained and expert in handling unit operations such as reaction, distillation, heat transfer, absorption & adsorption, crystallization, slurry handling, centrifugal separation, degassing, filtration, extrusion, and material handling. We can handle these processes for you so that you don’t have to; and you can focus on other matters related to project execution.

We offer a long list of process safety management services and Program development, PHA/HAZOP facilitation, pressure relief device (PRD) sizing and validation, P&ID verification,  updating and procedure writing are just a few of our capabilities. We understand the importance of client’s safety commitments and hence, we handle sizing new pressure relief devices (PRDs), validate existing PRD installations, evaluate vent and flare headers and design knockout
drums for relief systems for our clients.
NEDES houses an expert team for preparing detailed mass and energy balances for both chemical and petroleum refining facilities. We have been a trusted partner for a many multinational firms, working collaboratively on a number of pilot plants, technology demonstrations and scale up projects.
NEDES offers infallible design documents for each and every key process. We know that these documents are critical for the alignment of the client and engineering firm requirements. We make sure that that we lay out the documents in a detailed way so that they meet their purpose of meeting project goals and reducing rework. These include design capacity, heat duty, operating philosophy, flow rates, temperatures, pressures, stream compositions, utility requirements, physical property data and materials of construction.

Our certified and expert team uses various approaches to conduct the simulation studies, involving robust analysis and high tech softwares like PRO, Aspen Plus, ChemCad, HYSYS and DYNSIM. Similarly, we use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrowa, SiNET and Pipe-Flo for  hydraulic pipe flow modeling.

We have experts for safety process management and softwares like PHA-Pro 7, PHA Works and Hazard Review Leader are employed for these studies. Aspen Flare System Analyzer and Visual Flare are used for flare header analysis by NEDES experts.

FEL-0, FEL-1, FEL-2 Process Studies and Scope Definition PFDs and P&IDs Material and Energy Balances Process Data Sheets Hydraulic Analysis Equipment, Line, and Instrument Sizing Complete Detailed Design Work Equipment Arrangements Safety Systems Analysis Relief Device Sizing Vent and Flare Header Analysis Process Safety Management/Plant Safety Programs



We believe that only thorough study and understanding of specific requirements of your plant, your facility’s processes and company standards and materials can lead to successful design engineering. That is why we keep a keen eye on proper material selection and specification of mechanical piping for your plant’s operation.

We offer complete designing and procurement of specified suitable equipments including ASME code vessels, tanks, material handling or conveying, packaging systems, compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, chillers, boilers, batching or blending systems and pumps. We can also provide expert assistance for fire control, code compliance, energy analysis and commissioning.

We have an expert team of mechanical engineers which specializes in ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC), refrigeration and boiler designing, dust collection and industrial ventilation, mechanical fluid systems and fluid dynamics, heat transfer, firewater systems, compaction, palletizing and extrusion and reliability. We have years of experience in market and are very well familiar with fixed and rotating and reciprocating equipment specifications and our procurement team is always happy to help you through the processes of procurement and purchasing of quality equipments and direct fabrication.

The mechanical piping expert team at NEDES is adept in high pressure and high temperature systems. We can guide you about all the bits and bobs of piping specifications, racks and sleeper design, plot plans, equipment arrangements, stress analysis, isometric drawings (ISOs), tie-ins to existing facilities, field verifications, Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and P&ID support. Our experts know how to work with the client and across disciplines to optimize the work process. We also offer 3D models of the designs by using modern high tech softwares and systems. We have expert hands in softwares like AutoCad, Microstation, CadWorx, Plant Space, PSMS, PDS, AutoPlant, Plant 4D, CATIA, Ceasar II and WINDGEMS for Mechanical and Piping designing.

3D Modeling Stress Analysis Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment Tank and Pressure Vessel Design General Arrangements Material Handling Systems Piping Systems As-builts Pumping/Flow Hydraulics Ventilating and Exhaust Systems Code Compliance Surveys



To help you optimize the energy infrastructure and power facilities on your projects, we have team of electrical engineers and experts in industrial control systems.

We help our clients to meet the international standards by robustly analyzing and providing solutions for the plant power systems and distribution. Our prime focus is to maximize the safety of your team, mitigate any potential hazards while maintaining the optimum usage of project’s electrical facilities. We have experts for hazard evaluation and a wide range of new eco friendly and prime electrical power systems including transformer installations, motor control centers (MCC), switchgear installations, power and motor feeders, capacitor and reactor designs, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system design, load shed system designs, medium and high voltage motor control designs, unit substation designs, generators, lighting, and variable frequency drives (VFD’s).

We also offer environmental friendly solutions for your projects including steam, gas, bio fuels, and combination power systems. We do this by planning step by step integration of power generation systems with industrial facilities for environmental support.

NEDES absorbs latest trends in technology and utilizes state of the art advancements in instrumentation to bring the best for to our clients. We proffer to help you make the most out of the existing installments by improving their quality and decreasing the production time with the use of our latest technologies. We work under strict safety guidelines and use specifically designed Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) for our projects to meet the optimum safety requirements.

We always make sure the proper designing and installation of fiber optics, grounding, lightning protection, analyzer/CEMs, emergency power, outage planning, security and alarm systems, indoor and outdoor lighting and field instrumentation before finalizing and handing over the design documents.

 Our skilled engineers can provide instrument indexes, I/O lists, loop drawings, junction box drawings, control panel drawings, data sheets, control valve, meter sizing, control philosophy documents, Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) database and technical specifications as per clients’ requests and the specific needs of each project that we oversee.

Power Distribution Analysis and Design Power Generation, Monitoring & Control NFPA 70E Arc Flash Compliance Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design Security and Alarm Systems Field Instrumentation Specifications Emergency Power and Lighting Systems Substations Control System Upgrades Analyzer/CEMs Control Panel Design Grounding and Lightning Protection Control System Troubleshooting and Optimization Fiber Optics Electrical Drawings, Specifications and Manuals Procedure Writing



We have a diverse team of extremely skilled engineers, technicians, managers and designers who are adept in their respective fields of designing, construction, commissioning and instrumentation systems for a number of industries over years.

We have worked with the major vendors and dealers such as RosemountYokogawaHoneywellEndress+Hauser etc and are very well familiar with their complete product range. We make sure through frequent trainings that our staff is up to dated and well versed with the modern and upcoming technologies, latest tools, softwares and relevant product launches. This ensures that we are always a step ahead of other competitive companies, both, in terms of services and cost effectiveness.

Instrumentation design basis and specifications Instrument indes Instrument & valves Selection and Sizing data sheets instrument location layouts instrument installation drawings cable block diagrams instrument cable and cable tray routing and layout junction box drawings material take off (MTO) Material Requisitions Operation & maintenanve manuals construction method statements inspection & Test plans (ITP)




Control systems and automation is one of the integral engineering branches and is quite critical as it is linked with almost all other engineering disciplines. NEDES brings quickest optimized services for you in this regard with the help of our integrative team.

Our engineers have multinational experiences and proper training under OEM for designing wide reaching projects and complex control systems for them. We have a trusted panel of vendors and we collaborate with all the major brands dealing in PLC.

Control system specifications Control narrative and philosophy Shutdown key Cause & Effect diagrams Alarm & setpoint list System architecture Cable and network block diagram System sizing and selection Module wiring drawings Functional design specifications Operator manuals Operation & Maintenance manuals

Control & Automation services comprise of:

Process Control System (PCS)

PCS Services:

PCS or Process Control System is designed to run the complete facility operations and combats any unwanted breakdowns or malfunctioning.

Our team at NEDES makes sure to completely walk our clients through the process and understand their needs and requirements beforehand. This way, we know what you want and expect and this helps our team to design systems that comply with your demands, without any glitches or shutdowns.

Our engineers from control systems and instrumentation unit work in close association, step by step, to bring your narratives to reality. We base our PLC programming and HMI designing on clients’ P&ID, then we form control theories and cause and effectiveness philosophies, that are keenly generated on the bases of process descriptions.

Our programs strictly comply with IEC 61131-3 standards and use functional block diagrams. We also make sure the flexibility of our products by using modular code blocks, so that any extensions or modern additions are always welcomed on board.

Functional design specifications Equipment sizing and selection IO lists PCS system architecture Communication network design PLC/DCS Programming HMI/SCADA development Plant Historian Alarms & Events Setup PLC panel layout and sizing Panel drawings (GA, wiring) Module wiring drawings Marshalling cabinet drawings Control system documentation

Safety Instrumented System (SIS):

SIS/ESD Services:

NEDES always make sure that the flow of operations on your projects is never disrupted due to some unforeseen accidents or surprising incidents, as this can lead to both workforce and financial loss. We create high performance safety systems that can be an additional protective layer for your facility and have an option of Emergency Shutdown (ESD) to protect from any abnormal condition that arises unanticipated.

We make sure the reliability of our systems and our ESD designs pass through robust and vigorous testing, analysis and reviewing before they get a go ahead for implementation.

From device level controllers to multi layered complete facility systems, we work under strict standard guidelines of IEC 61508 / 61511 and craft the designs compliant with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1, 2 and 3.

Functional design specifications Equipment sizing and selection IO lists ESD philosophy Shutdown key ESD system architecture Communication network design PLC/DCS Programming ESD panel layout and sizing Panel drawings (GA, wiring) Module wiring drawings Marshalling cabinet drawings ESD/SIS system documentation

Scada Services

SCADA Services:

NEDES render specially designed systems SCADA that can help you control complex segregated systems within your facility or monitor and operate wide compound facilities that are scattered over a large area geographically.

We offer entire system planning, software and hardware configurations and communication network designs services as per your demands. Our SCADA solutions are PLC based and can be integrated in your existing systems so seamlessly that you don’t face any abrupt outages during the transition to new designs. NEDES maintains its flexible approach by offering standard designs forms our library of designs or you can also get customized systems accordant with your own requirements. With NEDES, you always have multiple options and you are always on the driving seat because customers’ satisfaction is our first priority!

Functional design specifications Communication network design PLC Programming HMI/SCADA development Plant Historian Reporting Alarms & Events Setup System updates and upgrades Remote alarms and notifications

Control & Automation services comprise of:

Control Rooms:

When it comes to control rooms, the design and location are very important controlling requirements. NEDES makes sure that you get the complete hold over your facility by providing most economical and practical control room designs.

We have provided multiple containerized and permanently installed control rooms for various industries, depending on their location and requirements.

We perform a complete background data check by collecting the information regarding the operations, panel sizes, power facilities, cable entries, manpower requirements, fire and gas detectors, types of panels and annunciators. We analyze and put these pieces together, take your demands in consideration and then carefully create most viable layouts and designs for the control rooms.

We always emphasize to create safe and practically workable environment for the operating personnel. That’s why we carefully calculate the ergonomics and equipment spacing measurements to make sure that safety and functionality of the control room remains intact. We also make sure to follow all the standard protocols and specifications during the whole process.

Control Panels:

Control Panels Services:

NEDES understands that every control panel must be tailored according to the specific needs of a particular industry. That is why we make sure to maintain the individuality and customizability of all our designs from layout drawings to schematics. We always consider your requirements and incorporate them in our layouts and follow standards and protocols to bring you the best and effective designs.

We never compromise on the quality and idiosyncrasy of our designs. We strictly work in compliance with NFPA 70NFPA 79UL and CE Mark

PLC/DCS panels Remote I/O Panels Marshalling cabinets MCC Panels Process Instrumentation Panels Pneumatic Panels Junction Boxes Fiber Optic Panels Power Distribution Panels Server and Network Racks

Fire & Gas System (FGS):

SIS/ESD Services:

Fire & gas detection and alarm systems are integral to any safety system to minimize the potential damage and risk of loss of life and finances. The key success feature is the ability to isolate or shut down the affected area as soon as possible. NEDES designs systems that are very sensitive and can successfully detect even smallest traces of gas leaks or fire smoke, transmit the message rapidly and suggest effective and apt remedial actions to can be taken within the safe window.

Our FGS systems offer:

  • Field detectors (Combustible gas, Toxic gas, Smoke, Flame)
  • Manual call points / alarm stations
  • Flashing and audible beacons
  • Fire and Gas matrix panel
  • PLC for FGS control

We maintain our quality by following the safety standards and work in accordance with IEC61508 / 61511 and NFPA 72 protocols.

FGS detection philosophy Equipment sizing and selection Data sheets IO lists Fire & Gas detector layout Communication network design PLC Programming FGS panel layout and sizing Panel drawings (GA, wiring) Module wiring drawings Marshalling cabinet drawings FGS system documentation

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