To help you optimize the energy infrastructure and power facilities on your projects, we have team of electrical engineers and experts in industrial control systems.

We help our clients to meet the international standards by robustly analyzing and providing solutions for the plant power systems and distribution. Our prime focus is to maximize the safety of your team, mitigate any potential hazards while maintaining the optimum usage of project’s electrical facilities. We have experts for hazard evaluation and a wide range of new eco friendly and prime electrical power systems including transformer installations, motor control centers (MCC), switchgear installations, power and motor feeders, capacitor and reactor designs, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system design, load shed system designs, medium and high voltage motor control designs, unit substation designs, generators, lighting, and variable frequency drives (VFD’s).

We also offer environmental friendly solutions for your projects including steam, gas, bio fuels, and combination power systems. We do this by planning step by step integration of power generation systems with industrial facilities for environmental support.

NEDES absorbs latest trends in technology and utilizes state of the art advancements in instrumentation to bring the best for to our clients. We proffer to help you make the most out of the existing installments by improving their quality and decreasing the production time with the use of our latest technologies. We work under strict safety guidelines and use specifically designed Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) for our projects to meet the optimum safety requirements.

We always make sure the proper designing and installation of fiber optics, grounding, lightning protection, analyzer/CEMs, emergency power, outage planning, security and alarm systems, indoor and outdoor lighting and field instrumentation before finalizing and handing over the design documents.

 Our skilled engineers can provide instrument indexes, I/O lists, loop drawings, junction box drawings, control panel drawings, data sheets, control valve, meter sizing, control philosophy documents, Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) database and technical specifications as per clients’ requests and the specific needs of each project that we oversee.

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