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Process Control System (PCS)

PCS or Process Control System is designed to run the complete facility operations and combats any unwanted breakdowns or malfunctioning.

Our team at NEDES makes sure to completely walk our clients through the process and understand their needs and requirements beforehand. This way, we know what you want and expect and this helps our team to design systems that comply with your demands, without any glitches or shutdowns.

Our engineers from control systems and instrumentation unit work in close association, step by step, to bring your narratives to reality. We base our PLC programming and HMI designing on clients’ P&ID, then we form control theories and cause and effectiveness philosophies, that are keenly generated on the bases of process descriptions.

Our programs strictly comply with IEC 61131-3 standards and use functional block diagrams. We also make sure the flexibility of our products by using modular code blocks, so that any extensions or modern additions are always welcomed on board.

PCS Services:

Functional design specifications Equipment sizing and selection IO lists PCS system architecture Communication network design PLC/DCS Programming HMI/SCADA development Plant Historian Alarms & Events Setup PLC panel layout and sizing Panel drawings (GA, wiring) Module wiring drawings Marshalling cabinet drawings Control system documentation

Safety Instrumented System (SIS):

NEDES always make sure that the flow of operations on your projects is never disrupted due to some unforeseen accidents or surprising incidents, as this can lead to both workforce and financial loss. We create high performance safety systems that can be an additional protective layer for your facility and have an option of Emergency Shutdown (ESD) to protect from any abnormal condition that arises unanticipated.

We make sure the reliability of our systems and our ESD designs pass through robust and vigorous testing, analysis and reviewing before they get a go ahead for implementation.

From device level controllers to multi layered complete facility systems, we work under strict standard guidelines of IEC 61508 / 61511 and craft the designs compliant with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1, 2 and 3.

SIS/ESD Services:

Functional design specifications Equipment sizing and selection IO lists ESD philosophy Shutdown key ESD system architecture Communication network design PLC/DCS Programming ESD panel layout and sizing Panel drawings (GA, wiring) Module wiring drawings Marshalling cabinet drawings ESD/SIS system documentation

Scada Services

NEDES render specially designed systems SCADA that can help you control complex segregated systems within your facility or monitor and operate wide compound facilities that are scattered over a large area geographically.

We offer entire system planning, software and hardware configurations and communication network designs services as per your demands. Our SCADA solutions are PLC based and can be integrated in your existing systems so seamlessly that you don’t face any abrupt outages during the transition to new designs. NEDES maintains its flexible approach by offering standard designs forms our library of designs or you can also get customized systems accordant with your own requirements. With NEDES, you always have multiple options and you are always on the driving seat because customers’ satisfaction is our first priority!

SCADA Services:

Functional design specifications Communication network design PLC Programming HMI/SCADA development Plant Historian Reporting Alarms & Events Setup System updates and upgrades Remote alarms and notifications

Control & Automation services comprise of:

Control Rooms:

When it comes to control rooms, the design and location are very important controlling requirements. NEDES makes sure that you get the complete hold over your facility by providing most economical and practical control room designs.

We have provided multiple containerized and permanently installed control rooms for various industries, depending on their location and requirements.

We perform a complete background data check by collecting the information regarding the operations, panel sizes, power facilities, cable entries, manpower requirements, fire and gas detectors, types of panels and annunciators. We analyze and put these pieces together, take your demands in consideration and then carefully create most viable layouts and designs for the control rooms.

We always emphasize to create safe and practically workable environment for the operating personnel. That’s why we carefully calculate the ergonomics and equipment spacing measurements to make sure that safety and functionality of the control room remains intact. We also make sure to follow all the standard protocols and specifications during the whole process.

Control Panels:

NEDES understands that every control panel must be tailored according to the specific needs of a particular industry. That is why we make sure to maintain the individuality and customizability of all our designs from layout drawings to schematics. We always consider your requirements and incorporate them in our layouts and follow standards and protocols to bring you the best and effective designs.

We never compromise on the quality and idiosyncrasy of our designs. We strictly work in compliance with NFPA 70NFPA 79UL and CE Mark

Control Panels Services:

PLC/DCS panels Remote I/O Panels Marshalling cabinets MCC Panels Process Instrumentation Panels Pneumatic Panels Junction Boxes Fiber Optic Panels Power Distribution Panels Server and Network Racks

Fire & Gas System (FGS):

Fire & gas detection and alarm systems are integral to any safety system to minimize the potential damage and risk of loss of life and finances. The key success feature is the ability to isolate or shut down the affected area as soon as possible. NEDES designs systems that are very sensitive and can successfully detect even smallest traces of gas leaks or fire smoke, transmit the message rapidly and suggest effective and apt remedial actions to can be taken within the safe window.

Our FGS systems offer:

  • Field detectors (Combustible gas, Toxic gas, Smoke, Flame)
  • Manual call points / alarm stations
  • Flashing and audible beacons
  • Fire and Gas matrix panel
  • PLC for FGS control

We maintain our quality by following the safety standards and work in accordance with IEC61508 / 61511 and NFPA 72 protocols.

SIS/ESD Services:

FGS detection philosophy Equipment sizing and selection Data sheets IO lists Fire & Gas detector layout Communication network design PLC Programming FGS panel layout and sizing Panel drawings (GA, wiring) Module wiring drawings Marshalling cabinet drawings FGS system documentation

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